The Board of Directors of Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC (CAEPCO, JSC) on 28 September 2017 decided to re-elect executive body of CAEPCO JSC, Mr. Sergey Vladimirovich Kan appointed to the position of the President of CAEPCO JSC.

The decision was made within the frames of scheduled rotation of top-management and corresponds to a long term plans of the Corporation development.

Mr. Sergey Kan has rich professional background and impeccable business reputation. Over the period of 20 years he was developing, promoting and managing local companies and joint ventures with foreign participation that operate in different sectors of Kazakhstan market, settling strategic objectives at the position of the Chairman and the member of the Board of Directors in Kazakh companies and companies with foreign partners. Mr. Kan consults on investment, economic and finance directions in oil-gas, sea, engineering, transporting industries as well as power industry.

Mr. Sergey Kan is a major shareholder of Central-Asian power-energy company (CAPEC, JSC) over a decade. Together with shareholders of CAPEC JSC he permanently participated in creating, establishing and operations of all group of companies that are united by CAPEC JSC holding.

By his appointment to the position of President of CAEPCO JSC Mr. Sergey Kan will preserve consistency of operations in management by subsidiary organizations and also will bring a fresh impetus to enhancement of business processes at enterprises of the holding. The Corporation will continue implementation of investment programs, aimed to increase efficiency of generating assets, reduction of losses during transmission of electric and heat energy as well as improvement of environmental parameters of production.