On 9 September 2017 in Almaty ceremony of signing a Memorandum of understanding between Arctic Green Energy (Republic of Ireland) and JSC Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation (JSC CAEPCO, Republic of Kazakhstan). The parties agreed on cooperation in the sphere of renewable energy sources with a focus to geothermal energy.

As mentioned in the Memorandum, both companies realize importance of development of renewable energy sources which to have an impact to global warming and pollution of the environment. The document emphasizes important role of each party in reducing emissions of GHG and reducing overall consumption of fossil fuels.

Arctic Green Energy Corporation is a leading developer and operation of green energy projects. The Arctic Green Energy Corporation was established with a purpose of implementation of successful Icelandic experience in the sphere of utilization of geothermal and other renewable energy sources in other countries, with paying special attention to Asia. Strategic partners of Arctic Green Energy include Sinopec, CITIC Capital and Icelandic Geothermal Cluster.

In November 2016 management of CAEPCO JSC and its subsidiary organizations visited Arctic Green Energy in Reykjavik with  a purpose of getting familiar with technologies and experience in utilization of geothermal energy for district heating.