14 08/10

Heat-and-Power Plant No.3 is expanding its capacity

As is well known, boiler unit No.1 is currently being repaired at Pavlodar Heat-and-Power Plant No.3 of “Pavlodarenergo” JSC. This repair work is a part of a large-scale investment program adopted by the energy sector. We asked chief engineer of Heat-and-Power Plant No.3 – Andrei Vyacheslavovitch Alexandrov, a question about the progress of repair work and anticipated results of heat-and-power plant reconstruction.

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23 07/10

Heat-and-Power Plant No.2 Renovation Has Been Commenced

Summer time in the northern area of Kazakhstan is quite short, which means that power men shall managed to accomplish much for this short time. Heat-and-power plant No.2 renovation operations have been commenced even before the end of the heating season, and now renovation work is in full swing. At that, heat-and-power plant keeps on supplying required amount of power on a daily basis, - informed "SevKazEnergo" JSC press relations service.

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